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If you're on this page, I'm going to presume you're here because you're tired of remaining stuck with your dating

You're tired of the anxiety, the constant doubt of not feeling good enough for the women you want, the detrimental impact this has on your confidence as a man and you're done with the inconsistent results that have left you feeling as though you're banging your head against a brick wall

If that's the case, I can help

If I could give you a proven system which allows you to quickly get dates on demand with the sort of women who turn heads as soon as you walk into a venue together without wasting hundreds of hours of your life swiping on a screen or hanging around grotty nightclubs until 3AM ...

How would that impact your dating life?

If I could literally hand over tried and tested strategies, with a clear set of instructions you can implement straight away, providing a framework to help you better understand how to actually get results in the modern dating game along with removing all the stumbling blocks which have held you back so far ...

What impact would that have on your confidence?

Not to mention your dating life

To tell you how my strategies work:

They solve the problem of wasting hundreds of hours of your life shooting in the dark, pissing away your precious time trying to figure all of this 'women stuff' out on your own.

Each one of my strategies is built around tried and tested knowledge of what actually gets results in the modern dating game: these are the exact strategies I teach to all of our Entourage members which have taken them from struggling to land even 1 new date per week to going on multiple dates in a single day.

It's an extremely simple, time-efficient and most importantly reliable way to consistently get dates with beautiful women through organic face to face interaction.

Imagine a consistently reliable strategy that makes attracting women feel as effortless as drinking water

I know what you're saying to yourself: 'They don't exist!' and I don't blame you for thinking that.


This is why I personally use these exact strategies myself and regularly show videos of not only me ...


... but my Entourage members doing so over on my YouTube channel showing how they have gone from feeling sexually frustrated to now having more women than they can possibly handle.

I'll even go as far as to show the results one of our Entourage members, Brian, got within just 2-days of working with me 👇

He Went From Getting 0 Women From Dating Apps To Going on Multiple Dates a Week & Having a Full-On Girlfriend Experience in Just 2-days
(Watch Video 👆)

... but with all that said, please, don't take my word for how easy, straight-forward & effective my strategies are to quickly explode your dating life, or how consistently they continue to perform for every single one of my clients. Instead, listen to other Entourage members who've joined me in using them:

Their results speak for themselves:

EFREM Went From 0 Dates a Month to Multiple Dates a Day in 1-Week By Following My Proven Organic Attraction System (Watch Video 👆)

(Watch Video 👆)

And the best part?

These strategies could not be easier to implement.

All you need to do is join The Entourage and follow our proven system.

It honestly couldn't be any more straight-forward.

Sound too good to be true?

This is exactly what one of our Entourage members, Jaz, thought before he signed up.


Within a week of him becoming a member of The Entourage and following our tried and tested system, he smashed through his self-limiting beliefs & started dating a 19-year smoking hot Brazilian woman and went on to have one of the best months of his life so far at 42 years old.

Listen to his Entourage experience here 👇

'Genuinely had one of the best months of my life ... i've pushed past this self-imprisonment and gone wow!'
(Watch Video 👆)


Life-changing results ... FAST

It's taken me 14 years of trial and error, thousands of cold approaches, hundreds of wasted hours, expensive education and mentoring to learn what I've learnt: that being how to effortlessly, reliably and consistently bring beautiful women into my life through organic face to face interaction -


But it was all worth it.


All of the blood, sweat and tears and the thousands of pounds I have invested into my own personal development has allowed me to finally live the dating life I always dreamt of.

I made all of the mistakes in the book: being too needy with women, putting beauty on a pedestal, not knowing how to create instant sexual attraction, always being seen as the quintessential 'nice guy', not taking the lead in relationships and always feeling as though I wasn't good enough.

Ultimately, I didn't know what I didn't know and this cost me a lot of time and a lot of money.

Without a proven system, no bullshit feedback and a group of like-minded guys to hold you accountable ... you're fucked

It's time to face reality: what you have been doing up to this point has not worked.

If they had, you would not be on this page.

With my strategies in place, you will finally feel in control of your dating life with more high-quality options than you know what to do with.

Whilst your friends scratch their heads still trying to figure all of this 'women stuff' out after years of failed attempts and missed opportunities, the only problem you'll be faced with once you've been handed the keys to the kingdom is deciding which woman you're taking out tonight.

You will continue to let golden opportunities slide and piss away your best years until you implement strategies, like the ones I use, to get ahead

It amazes me that the majority of guys who try and learn 'game' still think it's about lines, scripts and routines.

They think they need to go out and run some out-dated London Daygame Model and accuse every woman they see of being French.

They seem to think that what worked a decade ago will still work today.

Then again, the vast majority of guys suck with women so why are you doing what they do?

That's the reason why myself and the rest of our guys inside The Entourage are able to consistently go on multiple dates per week with high-quality women.

Because we don't play by the same rules that the vast majority of guys play by.

Within a week of joining The Entourage, we have had members who are going on dates with women they once thought were 'out of their league.'

and there's absolutely nothing stopping you from doing exactly the same and banking quick wins like our members do time and time again.

Listen, can I just share my strategies with you?

Imagine that feeling of having multiple dates lined up within this next week: how would that impact your dating life, not to mention your confidence as a man?

(and again listen to all of the testimonials above so you know I'm not talking out of my arse. These are real life people who you will be able to connect with as soon as you join The Entourage)

Picture yourself waking-up every morning knowing you have an abundance of beautiful women to choose from and never having to doubt your sense of self-worth ever again and imagine being able to go into every new interaction with a beautiful woman being completely detached from the outcome.

Imagine destroying all of those self-limiting beliefs which have held you back your entire life and finally feeling like 'the man' around women.

How would that impact your life?

But what you're really getting aren't just strategies

You're gaining control, you're gaining confidence and you're finally going to be living the dating life you've always wanted to be living where you are able to attract the women you want rather than settling for the ones you think you can get.

And on top of that, you're going to solve the problems that the majority of guys never do:

How to create instant sexual attraction which makes the women you meet desperate to see you again, how to reliably, easily and consistently get dates from daytime cold approach, how to develop the sort of Rockstar confidence 99% of guys simply can't compete with and how to get dates on demand with the sort of women who turn heads as you strut down the street together.

Believe me, the majority of guys who try and learn 'game' all on their own will never reach this level.

All you need to do is join The Entourage, follow our proven strategies and the 'women stuff' will take care of itself

Get Instant Access Now 👇

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