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  • To completely obliterate your fears of approaching the women of your dreams.

  • To have more options than you know what to do with.

  • To develop the sort of bulletproof confidence around women most men can only fantasize about.

  • To become the most fuckable version of yourself who beautiful women can't keep their hands off.

  • To finally be in control of your dating life rather than being dependent on dating apps, social circles and alcohol-infused nights out just to 'get lucky'.

If you were nodding your head and saying 'yes' to any of the above statements, you're in the right place!

My name is Kristian and I teach entrepreneurs, business ownershigh-achieving city workers who lead busy lifestyles and work stressful jobs how to easily meet the women of their dreams through authentic face-to-face interaction.

For me, any self-respecting man should be able to approach a woman who he finds attractive and start a conversation without needing 10 pints of lager (and a bag of pork scratchings) down him first.

If you are sick of swiping on a screen and settling for low quality women who you keep bumping into on same grotty nightclubs whilst 'Shut Up and Dance' thumps achingly in the background for the 10,000th time then apply to work with me today.

Whilst your friends continue to scratch their heads, still trying to figure all this 'women stuff' out after years of failed attempts and missed opportunities, you will have the dating life of your dreams, your phonebook filled with endless amounts of beautiful women who are desperate to see you again.

Shortly after we've worked together, your friends will be hounding you for dating advice, begging you to share your secrets ...


... You'd love to sit down and chat, but not right now.

You've got a date tonight.

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Ryan, 30, Cardiff

Been terrified of approaching girls my whole life. Booked Kristian for 3 days in London ... over delivered in value, made me feel super confident ... If you want to sort this area of your life stop thinking and start booking Kristian

Solomon, 39, New York

The Kristian you get on the internet is the one you get in real life ... a real solid dude ... the only two guys I would ever consider coaching with are you and James Marshall 

Tom, 24, Vienna

I love the fact I can go to the gym, go for a swim and when I meet a girl I can just approach her ... it's so liberating ... I feel like a free man ... I feel inherently more confident around women ... all thanks to you Kristian ... this is your fault

Michael, 25, Scotland

Done a Bootcamp with Kristian ... honestly surreal ... one of the best weekends I've ever had in my life

Reece, 19, East Midlands

Kristian, thank you so fucking much mate. This has been so eye-opening. This has changed my fucking life

Danny, 31, Sheffield

100% been life-changing ...


... I've had more dates and been seeing more girls in 3 months than I have in 3 or 4 years ...

... 10 years of problems with girls have completely disappeared

George, 28, Essex

It's easy to imagine this testimonial is made up with just how glowing it is but with complete sincerity I am so grateful to Kristian for changing my life forever and for the better.


Kristian is so generous and thoughtful with his time it borders on social philanthropy. Hiring Kristian will be the best investment in yourself you have ever made


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